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Friday, November 13, 2009

ScienceDirect Alert: Cell, Vol. 139, Iss. 4, 2009


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Volume 139, Issue 4,  Pages 635-830 (13 November 2009)

  Leading Edge
 1. In This Issue
Pages 635, 637
 2. Molecular Biology Select
Pages 639, 641
 3. The RAE: An Assessment Too Far?
Pages 643-646
Colin Macilwain
 4. Science, Policy, and the U.S. Congress
Pages 647-648
David Goldston
 5. Stem Cell Research: Toward Greater Unity in Europe?
Pages 649-651
Christiane Druml
 6. Putting Two Heads Together to Unwind DNA
Pages 652-654
Thomas J. Takara, Stephen P. Bell
 7. Transformation Locked in a Loop
Pages 654-656
Jarno Drost, Reuven Agami
 8. Compete Globally, Bud Locally
Pages 656-658
Andrew R. Houk, Arthur Millius, Orion D. Weiner
 9. Finale: The Last Minutes of Smads
Pages 658-660
Ye-Guang Chen, Xiao-Fan Wang
 10. Polarity Is Destiny
Pages 660-662
Liang Cai, Keith Mostov
 11. Centrioles, Centrosomes, and Cilia in Health and Disease
Pages 663-678
Erich A. Nigg, Jordan W. Raff
 12. Dissociation of EphB2 Signaling Pathways Mediating Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Tumor Suppression
Pages 679-692
Maria Genander, Michael M. Halford, Nan-Jie Xu, Malin Eriksson, Zuoren Yu, Zhaozhu Qiu, Anna Martling, Gedas Greicius, Sonal Thakar, Timothy Catchpole, Michael J. Chumley, Sofia Zdunek, Chenguang Wang, Torbjörn Holm, Stephen P. Goff, Sven Pettersson, Richard G. Pestell, Mark Henkemeyer, Jonas Frisén
 13. An Epigenetic Switch Involving NF-κB, Lin28, Let-7 MicroRNA, and IL6 Links Inflammation to Cell Transformation
Pages 693-706
Dimitrios Iliopoulos, Heather A. Hirsch, Kevin Struhl
 14. Nonoptimal Microbial Response to Antibiotics Underlies Suppressive Drug Interactions
Pages 707-718
Tobias Bollenbach, Selwyn Quan, Remy Chait, Roy Kishony
 15. Concerted Loading of Mcm2–7 Double Hexamers around DNA during DNA Replication Origin Licensing
Pages 719-730
Dirk Remus, Fabienne Beuron, Gökhan Tolun, Jack D. Griffith, Edward P. Morris, John F.X. Diffley
 16. Singularity in Polarization: Rewiring Yeast Cells to Make Two Buds
Pages 731-743
Audrey S. Howell, Natasha S. Savage, Sam A. Johnson, Indrani Bose, Allison W. Wagner, Trevin R. Zyla, H. Frederik Nijhout, Michael C. Reed, Andrew B. Goryachev, Daniel J. Lew
 17. Structures of Asymmetric ClpX Hexamers Reveal Nucleotide-Dependent Motions in a AAA+ Protein-Unfolding Machine
Pages 744-756
Steven E. Glynn, Andreas Martin, Andrew R. Nager, Tania A. Baker, Robert T. Sauer
 18. Nuclear CDKs Drive Smad Transcriptional Activation and Turnover in BMP and TGF-β Pathways
Pages 757-769
Claudio Alarcón, Alexia-Ileana Zaromytidou, Qiaoran Xi, Sheng Gao, Jianzhong Yu, Sho Fujisawa, Afsar Barlas, Alexandria N. Miller, Katia Manova-Todorova, Maria J. Macias, Gopal Sapkota, Duojia Pan, Joan Massagué
 19. A trans-Acting Riboswitch Controls Expression of the Virulence Regulator PrfA in Listeria monocytogenes
Pages 770-779
Edmund Loh, Olivier Dussurget, Jonas Gripenland, Karolis Vaitkevicius, Teresa Tiensuu, Pierre Mandin, Francis Repoila, Carmen Buchrieser, Pascale Cossart, Jörgen Johansson
 20. Structural Convergence between Cryo-EM and NMR Reveals Intersubunit Interactions Critical for HIV-1 Capsid Function
Pages 780-790
In-Ja L. Byeon, Xin Meng, Jinwon Jung, Gongpu Zhao, Ruifeng Yang, Jinwoo Ahn, Jiong Shi, Jason Concel, Christopher Aiken, Peijun Zhang, Angela M. Gronenborn
 21. Cdc42-Mediated Tubulogenesis Controls Cell Specification
Pages 791-801
Gokul Kesavan, Fredrik Wolfhagen Sand, Thomas Uwe Greiner, Jenny Kristina Johansson, Sune Kobberup, Xunwei Wu, Cord Brakebusch, Henrik Semb
 22. KIF26A Is an Unconventional Kinesin and Regulates GDNF-Ret Signaling in Enteric Neuronal Development
Pages 802-813
Ruyun Zhou, Shinsuke Niwa, Noriko Homma, Yosuke Takei, Nobutaka Hirokawa
 23. Adult Neurogenesis Modulates the Hippocampus-Dependent Period of Associative Fear Memory
Pages 814-827
Takashi Kitamura, Yoshito Saitoh, Noriko Takashima, Akiko Murayama, Yosuke Niibori, Hiroshi Ageta, Mariko Sekiguchi, Hiroyuki Sugiyama, Kaoru Inokuchi
 24. Structural Insight into Processive Human Mitochondrial DNA Synthesis and Disease-Related Polymerase Mutations
Page 828
Young-Sam Lee, W. Dexter Kennedy, Y. Whitney Yin
 25. SnapShot: Mouse piRNAs, PIWI Proteins, and the Ping-Pong Cycle
Pages 830-830.e1
Jogender S. Tushir, Phillip D. Zamore, Zhao Zhang

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