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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mol. Biol. Cell MBC In Press for 12 Nov 2009

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Mol. Biol. Cell Online MBC In Press Alert

New Molecular Biology of the Cell MBC In Press articles have been made available
(for the period 4 Nov 2009 to 12 Nov 2009):

A Novel JNK Binding Protein WDR62 Is Recruited to Stress Granules and Mediates a Non-classical JNK Activation
Tanya Wasserman, Ksenya Katsenelson, Sharon Daniliuc, Tal Hasin, Mordechay Choder, and Ami Aronheim

Mobility, Microtubule Nucleation and Structure of MTOCs in Multinucleated Hyphae of Ashbya gossypii
Claudia Lang, Sandrine Grava, Tineke van den Hoorn, Rhonda Trimble, Peter Philippsen, and Sue L. Jaspersen

Centromeric Localization of Dispersed Pol III Genes in Fission Yeast
Osamu Iwasaki, Atsunari Tanaka, Hideki Tanizawa, Shiv I.S. Grewal, and Ken-ichi Noma

Mechanisms of Self-organization of Cortical Microtubules in Plants Revealed by Computational Simulations
Jun F. Allard, Geoffrey O. Wasteneys, and Eric N. Cytrynbaum

Actin Binding Protein-1 Interacts with WIP to Regulate Growth Factor-induced Dorsal Ruffle Formation
Christa L. Cortesio, Benjamin J. Perrin, David A. Bennin, and Anna Huttenlocher

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