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Thursday, November 12, 2009

materials@nature contents: 12 November 2009


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Nature Volume 462 Number 7270 pp 137-242

Nature Materials Volume 8 Number 11 pp 851-916

Nature Nanotechnology Volume 4 Number 10 pp 695-780

Nature Physics Volume 5 Number 11 pp 775-850


Chempod ? September/October 2009 show ? listen to it today

In this episode ribosomes are the stars of the show, as we chat to two
scientists awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry for figuring
out their structure, and find out how they're being�reprogrammed to
use artificial amino acids.

Plus: polymer-based solar cells, nanoparticle assembly,�and a round-up
of the best chemistry papers in Nature from editor Andy Mitchinson.

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Books and arts

Newton and the money men
Robert Iliffe reviews Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown
Detective Career of the World's Greatest Scientist by Thomas Levenson

News and views

Materials science: Soft is strong.


Optomechanical crystals
Matt Eichenfield et al.

Soft colloids make strong glasses
Johan Mattsson et al.

Quasi-ballistic thermal transport from nanoscale interfaces observed
using ultrafast coherent soft X-ray beams
Mark E. Siemens et al.

Gold nanocages covered by smart polymers for controlled release with
near-infrared light
Mustafa S. Yavuz et al.

True solutions of single-walled carbon nanotubes for assembly into
macroscopic materials
Virginia A. Davis et al.

Design considerations for tumour-targeted nanoparticles
Hak Soo Choi et al.

Melting temperature of diamond at ultrahigh pressure
J. H. Eggert et al.


Nanostructured arrays of semiconducting octahedral molecular sieves by
pulsed-laser deposition
Anais E. Espinal et al.

Self-assembling chimeric polypeptide?doxorubicin conjugate nanoparticles
that abolish tumours after a single injection
J. Andrew MacKay et al.

Self-organized photosynthetic nanoparticle for cell-free hydrogen
Ifeyinwa J. Iwuchukwu et al.

Self-assembly of carbon nanotubes into two-dimensional geometries using
DNA origami templates
Hareem T. Maune et al.

Effective repair of traumatically injured spinal cord by nanoscale block
copolymer micelles
Yunzhou Shi et al.

Nanoparticles can cause DNA damage across a cellular barrier
Gevdeep Bhabra et al.

A universal origin for secondary relaxations in supercooled liquids and
structural glasses
Jacob D. Stevenson & Peter G. Wolynes


Nanoscience and Technology: A Collection of Reviews from
Nature Journals

This book contains 35 high impact review articles on nanoscience
and nanotechnology, written by leading authorities, that were first
published in various Nature journals. It covers, comprehensively,
areas in nanoscience and technology ranging from basic research
(such as single-molecule devices) to applications (such as
It is a valuable reference for chemists, physicists, materials
scientists and anyone interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology.


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