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Oncogene - Table of Contents alert Volume 28 Issue 48


December 2009 Volume 28 Number 48, pp 4225 - 4316



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Collection on Hypoxia and metabolism
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Throughout 2008, Nature Reviews Cancer published a series of
specially-commissioned articles that examined the roles of hypoxia and
metabolism in different aspects of tumour biology. This Collection brings
together two Reviews and two Perspectives from that series, together with
some recent Research Highlights. These articles and the accompanying library
of the most relevant recent publications from Nature Publishing Group
describe our current understanding of this field.


*through April 23, 2010

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Telomerase deficiency and telomere dysfunction inhibit mammary tumors induced by polyomavirus middle T oncogene
M Jaskelioff, W Song, J Xia, C Liu, J Kramer, S Koido, S J Gendler, S K Calderwood and J Gong

A matrix metalloproteinase-1/protease activated receptor-1 signaling axis promotes melanoma invasion and metastasis
J S Blackburn, I Liu, C I Coon and C E Brinckerhoff

Synergistic proapoptotic effects of the two tyrosine kinase inhibitors pazopanib and lapatinib on multiple carcinoma cell lines
K A Olaussen, F Commo, M Tailler, L Lacroix, I Vitale, S Q Raza, C Richon, P Dessen, V Lazar, J -C Soria and G Kroemer

PIM1 phosphorylates and negatively regulates ASK1-mediated apoptosis
J J Gu, Z Wang, R Reeves and N S Magnuson

Regulation of miRNA expression by Src and contact normalization: effects on nonanchored cell growth and migration
X Li, Y Shen, H Ichikawa, T Antes and G S Goldberg

Hsp70 molecular chaperones are required to support p53 tumor suppressor activity under stress conditions
D Walerych, M B Olszewski, M Gutkowska, A Helwak, M Zylicz and A Zylicz

Pro-proliferative FoxM1 is a target of p53-mediated repression
A M Barsotti and C Prives

Mutant fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 induces intracellular signaling and cellular transformation in a cell type- and mutation-specific manner
E di Martino, C G L'Hote, W Kennedy, D C Tomlinson and M A Knowles


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