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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mol. Biol. Cell MBC In Press for 2 Dec 2009

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Mol. Biol. Cell Online MBC In Press Alert

New Molecular Biology of the Cell MBC In Press articles have been made available
(for the period 25 Nov 2009 to 2 Dec 2009):

Environmental Transition of Signal-Anchor Sequences during Membrane Insertion via the ER Translocon
Yuichiro Kida, Chisato Kume, Maki Hirano, and Masao Sakaguchi

Genomic Study of Replication Initiation in Human Chromosomes Reveals the Influence of Transcription Regulation and Chromatin Structure on Origin Selection
Neerja Karnani, Christopher M. Taylor, Ankit Malhotra, and Anindya Dutta

Myosin II Is Essential for the Spatiotemporal Organization of Traction Forces during Cell Motility
Ruedi Meili, Baldomero Alonso-Latorre, Juan C. del Álamo, Richard A. Firtel, and Juan C. Lasheras

Receptor-Interacting Protein (RIP) Shuttles between Cell Death and Survival Signaling Pathways
Pachiyappan Kamarajan, Julius Bunek, Yong Lin, Gabriel Nunez, and Yvonne L. Kapila

The Exo70 Subunit of the Exocyst Is an Effector for Both Cdc42 and Rho3 Function in Polarized Exocytosis
Hao Wu, Courtney Turner, Jimmy Gardner, Brenda Temple, and Patrick Brennwald

Mutual Dependence of Mob1 and the Chromosomal Passenger Complex for Localization During Mitosis
Lori Jo Wilmeth, Sanjay Shrestha, Gilbert Montaño, Jennifer Rashe, and Charles Bradley Shuster

A Cdc42 Activation Cycle Coordinated by PI 3-kinase during Fc Receptor-mediated Phagocytosis
Peter Beemiller, Youxin Zhang, Suresh Mohan, Erik Levinsohn, Isabella Gaeta, Adam D. Hoppe, and Joel A. Swanson

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