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Monday, December 1, 2008

Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology - Table of Contents alert Volume 4 Issue 12


December 2008 Volume 4 Number 12

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Giving dementia a voice
Heather B Wood

Moderate exercise is safe and improves fitness in patients with Becker
muscular dystrophy

Sumatriptan reduces somatic and visceral pain in mice

Virtual reality identifies navigational defects in Alzheimer disease and
cognitive aging

Defects in transfer RNA processing cause pontocerebellar hypoplasia

COX inhibition reduces medulloblastoma proliferation

Lewy body pathology is seen in cutaneous nerves and can be detected in
skin biopsy samples

A miniature implantable neurostimulator can treat hemicrania continua

Headache in children is associated with obesity

Right-to-left shunt has no impact on recurrent stroke risk

In briefs

Imaging blood-brain barrier disruption: an evolving tool for assessing
the risk of hemorrhage after thrombolysis
David Tanne

Early detection of nerve damage and repair in diabetic neuropathy
Rayaz A Malik

Identifying acute porphyria in patients with acute polyneuropathy or
George H Elder and Sverre Sandberg

Neuropsychiatric comorbidities in childhood absence epilepsy
Gregory N Barnes and Juliann M Paolicchi

How should pregnant women with spinal disease be managed?
Kathleen F Brookfield and Mark D Brown

Should cannabinoids be used as analgesics for neuropathic pain?
Andrew SC Rice

Nerve damage in leprosy and its management
Einar P Wilder-Smith and Wim H Van Brakel

Optical coherence tomography: a window into the mechanisms of multiple
Elliot M Frohman, James G Fujimoto, Teresa C Frohman, Peter A Calabresi,
Gary Cutter and Laura J Balcer

Botulinum neurotoxins in the treatment of refractory pain
Bahman Jabbari

A case of POEMS syndrome treated by autologous hematopoietic stem-cell
Alain Creange, Ahmed Chater, Jean-Claude Brouet, Arnaud Jaccard, Alain
Rahmouni, Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur and Aline Santin


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