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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gene Therapy Table of Contents alert Volume 15 Issue 24


December 2008 Volume 15 Number 24, pp 1567 - 1622
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A strategy for genetic modification of the spike-encoding segment of
human reovirus T3D for reovirus targeting
D J M van den Wollenberg, S K van den Hengel, I J C Dautzenberg, S J
Cramer, O Kranenburg and R C Hoeben

A strategy for systemic delivery of the oncolytic herpes virus
HSV1716: redirected tropism by antibody-binding sites incorporated on
the virion surface as a glycoprotein D fusion protein
J Conner, L Braidwood and S M Brown

Persistent episomal transgene expression in liver following delivery
of a scaffold//matrix attachment region containing non-viral vector
O Argyros, S P Wong, M Niceta, S N Waddington, S J Howe, C Coutelle, A
D Miller and R P Harbottle

Complex interactions with several arms of the complement system
dictate innate and humoral immunity to adenoviral vectors
D M Appledorn, A McBride, S Seregin, J M Scott, N Schuldt, A Kiang, S
Godbehere and A Amalfitano

Bioluminescent virion shells: new tools for quantitation of AAV vector
dynamics in cells and live animals
A Asokan, J S Johnson, C Li and R J Samulski

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