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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The EMBO Reports - Table of Contents alert December 2008 Volume 9, Number 12, pp 1157-1252


December 2008 Volume 9 Number 12, pp 1157-1252
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Contents: Volume 9, Number 12 (December 2008)


Frank Gannon



The implications of the new brain sciences. The `Decade of the Brain' is over but its effects are now becoming visible as neuropolitics and neuroethics, and in the emergence of neuroeconomies.
Joelle M Abi-Rached

The evolution of biology. A shift towards the engineering of prediction-generating tools and away from traditional research practice.
Lawrence Kelley & Michael Scott


The recruitment crunch.
Philip Hunter

What's in a name?
Howard Wolinsky

The power of words.
Samuel Caddick



New insights into the chromosome cycle. Conference on the Replication & Segregation of Chromosomes.
Guillermo de la Cueva-Mendez & Karim Labib

Chlamydomonas: a sexually active, light-harvesting, carbon-reducing, hydrogen-belching `planimal'. Conference on the Cell & Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas.
Kevin E Redding & Douglas G Cole

The `Odd Pols' are even when it comes to controlling cell function. Conference on RNA Polymerases I and III.
Ross D Hannan & Michael C Schultz


A stress protein interface of innate immunity.
Didier Picard


Urm1 at the crossroad of modifications. `Protein Modifications: Beyond the Usual Suspects' Review Series.
Patrick G A Pedrioli, Sebastian Leidel & Kay Hofmann

Kindlins: essential regulators of integrin signalling and cell[ndash]matrix adhesion.
Hannu Larjava, Edward F Plow & Chuanyue Wu


Structural and functional analysis of SGT1[ndash]HSP90 core complex required for innate immunity in plants.
Yasuhiro Kadota, Beatrice Amigues, Lionel Ducassou, Hocine Madaoui, Francoise Ochsenbein, Raphael Guerois & Ken Shirasu

Arrestin-like proteins mediate ubiquitination and endocytosis of the yeast metal transporter Smf1.
Elina Nikko, James A Sullivan & Hugh R B Pelham

ATM and Chk2 kinase target the p53 cofactor Strap.
Cassandra J Adams, Anne L Graham, Martin Jansson, Amanda S Coutts, Mariola Edelmann, Linda Smith, Benedikt Kessler & Nicholas B La Thangue

Quantitative analysis of snoRNA association with pre-ribosomes and release of snR30 by Rok1 helicase.
Markus T Bohnsack, Martin Kos & David Tollervey

Blm10 binds to pre-activated proteasome core particles with open gate conformation.
Andrea Lehmann, Katharina Jechow & Cordula Enenkel

[beta]-Arrestin and casein kinase 1/2 define distinct branches of non-canonical WNT signalling pathways.
Vítezslav Bryja, Alexandra Schambony, Lukás Cajánek, Isabel Dominguez, Ernest Arenas & Gunnar Schulte


PP4 is a [gamma]H2AX phosphatase required for recovery from the DNA damage checkpoint.
Shinichiro Nakada, Ginny I Chen, Anne-Claude Gingras & Daniel Durocher

A structural basis for the allosteric regulation of non-hydrolysing UDP-GlcNAc 2-epimerases.
Lucas M Velloso, Shyam S Bhaskaran, Raymond Schuch, Vincent A Fischetti & C Erec Stebbins



The expanding field of poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation reactions. `Protein Modifications: Beyond the Usual Suspects' Review Series.
Antoinette Hakmé, Heng-Kuan Wong, Francoise Dantzer & Valérie Schreiber


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