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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mol. Biol. Cell Table of Contents for 15 December 2009; Vol. 20, No. 24

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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A new issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell is available online:
15 December 2009; Vol. 20, No. 24

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InCytes from MBC
InCytes from MBC, December 2009

Requirements for Recruitment of a G Protein-coupled Receptor to Clathrin-coated Pits in Budding Yeast
Junko Y. Toshima, Jun-ichi Nakanishi, Kensaku Mizuno, Jiro Toshima, and David G. Drubin

Bone Morphogenetic Protein-6 Promotes Cerebellar Granule Neurons Survival by Activation of the MEK/ERK/CREB Pathway
Bruna Barneda-Zahonero, Alfredo Miñano-Molina, Nahuai Badiola, Rut Fadó, Xavier Xifró, Carlos A. Saura, and José Rodríguez-Alvarez

Notch Signaling and Developmental Cell-Cycle Arrest in Drosophila Polar Follicle Cells
Li-Fang Shyu, Jianjun Sun, Hui-Min Chung, Yi-Chun Huang, and Wu-Min Deng

Myosin IXa Regulates Epithelial Differentiation and Its Deficiency Results in Hydrocephalus
Marouan Abouhamed, Kay Grobe, Isabelle V. Leefa Chong San, Sabine Thelen, Ulrike Honnert, Maria S. Balda, Karl Matter, and Martin Bähler

Phosphatidylserine Regulation of Ca2+-triggered Exocytosis and Fusion Pores in PC12 Cells
Zhen Zhang, Enfu Hui, Edwin R. Chapman, and Meyer B. Jackson

Bub3p Facilitates Spindle Checkpoint Silencing in Fission Yeast
Vincent Vanoosthuyse, John C. Meadows, Sjaak J.A. van der Sar, Jonathan B.A. Millar, and Kevin G. Hardwick

Oxidative Stress Inhibits Nuclear Protein Export by Multiple Mechanisms That Target FG Nucleoporins and Crm1
Noah Crampton, Mohamed Kodiha, Sanhita Shrivastava, Rehan Umar, and Ursula Stochaj

Binding the Atypical RA Domain of Ste50p to the Unfolded Opy2p Cytoplasmic Tail Is Essential for the High-Osmolarity Glycerol Pathway
Irena Ekiel, Traian Sulea, Gregor Jansen, Maria Kowalik, Ovidiu Minailiuc, Jing Cheng, Doreen Harcus, Miroslaw Cygler, Malcolm Whiteway, and Cunle Wu

MBP-1 Suppresses Growth and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer Cells through COX-2
Kai-Wen Hsu, Rong-Hong Hsieh, Chew-Wun Wu, Chin-Wen Chi, Yan-Hwa Wu Lee, Min-Liang Kuo, Kou-Juey Wu, and Tien-Shun Yeh

Exploring the Roles of Diaphanous and Enabled Activity in Shaping the Balance between Filopodia and Lamellipodia
Catarina C.F. Homem and Mark Peifer

Role of Rap1B and Tumor Suppressor PTEN in the Negative Regulation of Lysophosphatidic Acid—induced Migration by Isoproterenol in Glioma Cells
Enkhzol Malchinkhuu, Koichi Sato, Tomohiko Maehama, Shogo Ishiuchi, Yuhei Yoshimoto, Chihiro Mogi, Takao Kimura, Hitoshi Kurose, Hideaki Tomura, and Fumikazu Okajima

Neuronal IP3 3-Kinase is an F-actin–bundling Protein: Role in Dendritic Targeting and Regulation of Spine Morphology
Hong W. Johnson and Michael J. Schell

MICAL-L1 Links EHD1 to Tubular Recycling Endosomes and Regulates Receptor Recycling
Mahak Sharma, Sai Srinivas Panapakkam Giridharan, Juliati Rahajeng, Naava Naslavsky, and Steve Caplan

Roles of Formin Nodes and Myosin Motor Activity in Mid1p-dependent Contractile-Ring Assembly during Fission Yeast Cytokinesis   InCytes from MBC
Valerie C. Coffman, Aaron H. Nile, I-Ju Lee, Huayang Liu, and Jian-Qiu Wu

Mammalian pre-mRNA 3' End Processing Factor CF Im68 Functions in mRNA Export
Marc-David Ruepp, Chiara Aringhieri, Silvia Vivarelli, Stefano Cardinale, Simona Paro, Daniel Schümperli, and Silvia M.L. Barabino

Drosophila Lysophospholipid Acyltransferases Are Specifically Required for Germ Cell Development
Josefa Steinhauer, Miguel A. Gijón, Wayne R. Riekhof, Dennis R. Voelker, Robert C. Murphy, and Jessica E. Treisman

Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Mediate GPCR–induced TACE/ADAM17-dependent Transforming Growth Factor-{alpha} Shedding
Timothy J. Myers, Leann H. Brennaman, Mary Stevenson, Shigeki Higashiyama, William E. Russell, David C. Lee, and Susan Wohler Sunnarborg

Small Cajal Body–specific RNAs of Drosophila Function in the Absence of Cajal Bodies
Svetlana Deryusheva and Joseph G. Gall

The Nup107-160 Nucleoporin Complex Promotes Mitotic Events via Control of the Localization State of the Chromosome Passenger Complex
Melpomeni Platani, Rachel Santarella-Mellwig, Markus Posch, Rudolf Walczak, Jason R. Swedlow, and Iain W. Mattaj

The CORVET Subunit Vps8 Cooperates with the Rab5 Homolog Vps21 to Induce Clustering of Late Endosomal Compartments
Daniel F. Markgraf, Franziska Ahnert, Henning Arlt, Muriel Mari, Karolina Peplowska, Nadine Epp, Janice Griffith, Fulvio Reggiori, and Christian Ungermann

Distinct Roles for CARMIL Isoforms in Cell Migration
Yun Liang, Hanspeter Niederstrasser, Marc Edwards, Charles E. Jackson, and John A. Cooper

Synthetic Lethal Genetic Interactions That Decrease Somatic Cell Proliferation in Caenorhabditis elegans Identify the Alternative RFCCTF18 as a Candidate Cancer Drug Target   InCytes from MBC
Jessica McLellan, Nigel O'Neil, Sanja Tarailo, Jan Stoepel, Jennifer Bryan, Ann Rose, and Philip Hieter

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