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Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Nature Volume 462 Number 7274 pp 699-818

Nature Materials Volume 8 Number 12 pp 917-999

Nature Nanotechnology Volume 4 Number 12 pp 781-883

Nature Physics Volume 4 Number 12 pp 851-925


Nature Photonics - Focus on Quantum Optics

The optical world has long been the perfect playground for exploring
quantum mechanics. Now, quantum dreams, from communications and
teleportation through to computing and metrology are shaping into
reality. This Focus provides a glimpse into the tremendous progress
that has been made and the remaining challenges for a bright quantum

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Technology transfer on the table

News feature

Microscopy: Ever-increasing resolution


Nanotube electronics for radiofrequency applications

Atomic force microscopy as a tool for atom manipulation


Controlling photonic structures using optical forces
Gustavo S. Wiederhecker, Long Chen, Alexander Gondarenko & Michal

Highly efficient photocathodes for dye-sensitized tandem solar cells
A. Nattestad et al.

A silicon-based electrical source of surface plasmon polaritons
R. J. Walters et al.

Single donor ionization energies in a nanoscale CMOS channel
M. Pierre et al.

Highly conductive self-assembled nanoribbons of coordination polymers
Lorena Welte et al.

Observation of Van Hove singularities in twisted graphene layers
Guohong Li et al.


High-performance polymer semiconducting heterostructure devices by
nitrene-mediated photocrosslinking of alkyl side chains
Rui-Qi Png et al.

Three-dimensional structure and multistable optical switching of
triple-twisted particle-like excitations in anisotropic fluids
Ivan I. Smalyukh, Yves Lansac, Noel A. Clark & Rahul P. Trivedi

Exceptional high-temperature stability through distillation-like
self-stabilization in bimetallic nanoparticles
Anmin Cao & G�tz Veser

A 3.6 V lithium-based fluorosulphate insertion positive electrode for
lithium-ion batteries
N. Recham et al.

Dispersed nanoelectrode devices
Antonio Tricoli & Sotiris E. Pratsinis


Nature Insight Biomaterials

While man-made structures have been used since time immemorial to
replace damaged or diseased body parts, only recently have materials
become able to impart specific biological functions. As biologists
and materials scientists are working closely together, the
interdisciplinary field of biomaterials has generated substances
that can direct stem cell fate or grade immunological response.

Access selected content free online from the biomaterials Insight and
gain further knowledge of this emerging field.


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