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Leukemia - Table of Contents alert Volume 23 Issue 11


November 2009 Volume 23 Number 11, pp 1939 - 2187


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Commentary on Perrone et al.: 'Vitamin C: not for breakfast
anymore... if you have myeloma'
R D Harvey, J Nettles, B Wang, S-Y Sun and S Lonial

The molecular characterization and clinical management of multiple
myeloma in the post-genome era
Y Zhou, B Barlogie and J D Shaughnessy

Harmonization of molecular monitoring of CML therapy in Europe
M C Muller, N C P Cross, P Erben, T Schenk, B Hanfstein, T Ernst,
R Hehlmann, S Branford, G Saglio and A Hochhaus

Proteasome inhibitors in the treatment of multiple myeloma
J J Shah and R Z Orlowski

Management guidelines for the use of alemtuzumab in chronic
lymphocytic leukemia
A Osterborg, R Foa, R F Bezares, C Dearden, M J S Dyer, C Geisler,
T S Lin, M Montillo, M H J van Oers, C-M Wendtner and K R Rai

PAX5 mutations occur frequently in adult B-cell progenitor acute
lymphoblastic leukemia and PAX5 haploinsufficiency is associated
with BCR-ABL1 and TCF3-PBX1 fusion genes: a GRAALL study
J Familiades, M Bousquet, M Lafage-Pochitaloff, M-C Bene, K Beldjord,
J De Vos, N Dastugue, E Coyaud, S Struski, C Quelen,
N Prade-Houdellier, S Dobbelstein, J-M Cayuela, J Soulier, N Grardel,
C Preudhomme, H Cave, O Blanchet, V Lheritier, A Delannoy,
Y Chalandon, N Ifrah, A Pigneux, P Brousset, E A Macintyre, F Huguet,
H Dombret, C Broccardo and E Delabesse

Nilotinib concentration in cell lines and primary CD34+ chronic
myeloid leukemia cells is not mediated by active uptake or efflux
by major drug transporters
A Davies, N E Jordanides, A Giannoudis, C M Lucas, S Hatziieremia,
R J Harris, H G Jorgensen, T L Holyoake, M Pirmohamed, R E Clark
and J C Mountford

Standardized MRD flow and ASO IGH RQ-PCR for MRD quantification in
CLL patients after rituximab-containing immunochemotherapy: a
comparative analysis
S Bottcher, S Stilgenbauer, R Busch, M Bruggemann, T Raff, C Pott,
K Fischer, G Fingerle-Rowson, H Dohner, M Hallek, M Kneba and
M Ritgen on behalf of the German CLL study group

Gene knockdown studies revealed CCDC50 as a candidate gene in mantle
cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
A Farfsing, F Engel, M Seiffert, E Hartmann, G Ott, A Rosenwald,
S Stilgenbauer, H Dohner, M Boutros, P Lichter and A Pscherer

Low-dose subcutaneous alemtuzumab in refractory chronic lymphocytic
leukaemia (CLL): results of a prospective, single-arm multicentre study
A Cortelezzi, M C Pasquini, A Gardellini, U Gianelli, A Bossi,
G Reda, B Sarina, P Musto, W Barcellini, A Neri and G L Deliliers

The BH3 mimetic compound, ABT-737, synergizes with a range of
cytotoxic chemotherapy agents in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
K D Mason, S L Khaw, K C Rayeroux, E Chew, E F Lee, W D Fairlie,
A P Grigg, J F Seymour, J Szer, D C S Huang and A W Roberts

Novel epigenetic mechanisms that control pluripotency and quiescence
of adult bone marrow-derived Oct4+ very small embryonic-like
stem cells
D M Shin, E K Zuba-Surma, W Wu, J Ratajczak, M Wysoczynski,
M Z Ratajczak and M Kucia

Impaired mobilization of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells in
C5-deficient mice supports the pivotal involvement of innate immunity
in this process and reveals novel promobilization effects of
H M Lee, W Wu, M Wysoczynski, R Liu, E K Zuba-Surma, M Kucia,
J Ratajczak and M Z Ratajczak

The TLR1/2 agonist PAM3CSK4 instructs commitment of human
hematopoietic stem cells to a myeloid cell fate
K De Luca, V Frances-Duvert, M-J Asensio, R Ihsani, E Debien,
M Taillardet, E Verhoeyen, C Bella, S Lantheaume, L Genestier
and T Defrance

Defining origins of malignant B cells: a new circulating normal human
IgM+D+ B-cell subset lacking CD27 expression and displaying
somatically mutated IGHV genes as a relevant memory population
N Weston-Bell, M Townsend, G Di Genova, F Forconi and S S Sahota

Inhibition of the hTERT promoter by the proto-oncogenic protein TAL1
J-M Terme, V Mocquet, A-S Kuhlmann, L Zane, F Mortreux, E Wattel,
M Duc Dodon and P Jalinot

Activation of p53 by Nutlin-3a, an antagonist of MDM2, induces
apoptosis and cellular senescence in adult T-cell leukemia cells
H Hasegawa, Y Yamada, H Iha, K Tsukasaki, K Nagai, S Atogami,
K Sugahara, K Tsuruda, A Ishizaki and S Kamihira

IL-6, but not IFN-[gamma], triggers apoptosis and inhibits in vivo
growth of human malignant T cells on STAT3 silencing
G Regis, L Icardi, L Conti, R Chiarle, R Piva, M Giovarelli,
V Poli and F Novelli

A robust xenotransplantation model for acute myeloid leukemia
P V Sanchez, R L Perry, J E Sarry, A E Perl, K Murphy, C R Swider,
A Bagg, J K Choi, J A Biegel, G Danet-Desnoyers and M Carroll

Different proliferative and survival capacity of CLL-cells in a newly
established in vitro model for pseudofollicles
M Plander, S Seegers, P Ugocsai, S Diermeier-Daucher, J Ivanyi,
G Schmitz, F Hofstadter, S Schwarz, E Orso, R Knuchel and G Brockhoff

Gene expression profiling of isolated tumour cells from anaplastic
large cell lymphomas: insights into its cellular origin, pathogenesis
and relation to Hodgkin lymphoma
S Eckerle, V Brune, C Doring, E Tiacci, V Bohle, C Sundstrom,
R Kodet, M Paulli, B Falini, W Klapper, A B Chaubert, K Willenbrock,
D Metzler, A Brauninger, R Kuppers and M-L Hansmann

Soluble decoy receptor 3 modulates the survival and formation of
osteoclasts from multiple myeloma bone disease patients
S Colucci, G Brunetti, G Mori, A Oranger, M Centonze, C Mori,
F P Cantatore, R Tamma, R Rizzi, V Liso, A Zallone and M Grano

Long-term follow-up on overall survival from the MM-009 and MM-010
phase III trials of lenalidomide plus dexamethasone in patients with
relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma
M A Dimopoulos, C Chen, A Spencer, R Niesvizky, M Attal,
E A Stadtmauer, M T Petrucci, Z Yu, M Olesnyckyj, J B Zeldis,
R D Knight and D M Weber

Biallelic inactivation of TRAF3 in a subset of B-cell lymphomas with
interstitial del(14)(q24.1q32.33)
I Nagel, S Bug, H Tonnies, O Ammerpohl, J Richter, I Vater,
E Callet-Bauchu, M J Calasanz, J A Martinez-Climent, C Bastard,
M Salido, E Schroers, J I Martin-Subero, S Gesk, L Harder,
A Majid, M J S Dyer and R Siebert

Imatinib mesylate causes growth plate closure in vivo
K Vandyke, A L Dewar, S Fitter, D Menicanin, L B To, T P Hughes and
C W Zannettino

Mutational analysis of candidate tumor-associated genes in acute
megakaryoblastic leukemia
R Bhat, S Malinge, A S Gamis, A D Sorrell, J M Hilden,
R P Ketterling, E Paietta, M S Tallman and J D Crispino

B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
have distinctive gene expression signatures
I Del Giudice, N Osuji, T Dexter, V Brito-Babapulle, N Parry-Jones,
S Chiaretti, M Messina, G Morgan, D Catovsky and E Matutes

Low doses of 2-deoxy-glucose sensitize acute lymphoblastic leukemia
cells to glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis
K Eberhart, K Renner, I Ritter, M Kastenberger, K Singer,
C Hellerbrand, M Kreutz, R Kofler and P J Oefner

Sunitinib, an orally available receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor,
induces monocytic differentiation of acute myelogenous leukemia
cells that is enhanced by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3
C Nishioka, T Ikezoe, J Yang and A Yokoyama

miR-34b/miR-34c: a regulator of TCL1 expression in 11q- chronic
lymphocytic leukaemia?
B Cardinaud, C Moreilhon, B Marcet, K Robbe-Sermesant, K LeBrigand,
B Mari, V Eclache, F Cymbalista, S Raynaud and P Barbry

Increased expression of macrophage inflammatory protein-1[alpha] on
trephine biopsies correlates with extensive bone disease, increased
angiogenesis and advanced stage in newly diagnosed patients with
multiple myeloma
M Roussou, A Tasidou, M A Dimopoulos, E Kastritis, M Migkou,
D Christoulas, M Gavriatopoulou, F Zagouri, C Matsouka,
D Anagnostou and E Terpos

Acquisition of a multidrug-resistant phenotype with a proteasome
inhibitor in multiple myeloma
D Gutman, A A Morales and L H Boise

Mutations of ASXL1 gene in myeloproliferative neoplasms
N Carbuccia, A Murati, V Trouplin, M Brecqueville, J Adelaide, J Rey,
W Vainchenker, O A Bernard, M Chaffanet, N Vey, D Birnbaum and
M J Mozziconacci

HTLV-I infection of WE17/10 CD4+ cell line leads to progressive
alteration of Ca2+ influx that eventually results in loss of CD7
expression and activation of an antiapoptotic pathway involving
AKT and BAD which paves the way for malignant transformation
H Akl, B M Badran, N El Zein, F Bex, C Sotiriou, K E Willard-Gallo,
A Burny and P Martiat


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