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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mol. Biol. Cell MBC In Press for 3 Dec 2008

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Mol. Biol. Cell Online MBC In Press Alert

New Molecular Biology of the Cell MBC In Press articles have been made available
(for the period 26 Nov 2008 to 3 Dec 2008):

Kinesin-8 from Fission Yeast: a Heterodimeric, Plus End-Directed Motor that Can Couple Microtubule Depolymerization to Cargo Movement
Paula M. Grissom, Thomas A. Fiedler, Ekaterina L. Grishchuk, Daniela Nicastro, Robert R. West, and J. Richard McIntosh

Specific Activation of MAPK by TGF-{beta} Receptors in Lipid Rafts Is Required for Epithelial Cell Plasticity
Wei Zuo and Ye-Guang Chen

Slow Growth Induces Heat Shock Resistance in Normal and Respiratory-deficient Yeast
Charles Lu, Matthew J. Brauer, and David Botstein

Basal Body Components Exhibit Differential Protein Dynamics during Nascent Basal Body Assembly
Chad G. Pearson, Thomas H. Giddings, Jr., and Mark Winey

Bir1 Is Required for the Tension Checkpoint
Michelle M. Shimogawa, Per O. Widlund, Michael Riffle, Michael Ess, and Trisha N. Davis

The Extracellular Domain of Lrp5/6 Inhibits Non-Canonical Wnt Signaling in vivo
Vitezslav Bryja, Emma R. Andersson, Alexandra Schambony, Milan Esner, Lenka Bryjová, Kristin K. Biris, Anita C. Hall, Bianca Kraft, Lukas Cajanek, Terry P. Yamaguchi, Margaret Buckingham, and Ernest Arenas

The TP53INP2 Protein Is Required for Autophagy in Mammalian Cells
Jonathan Nowak, Cendrine Archange, Joël Tardivel-Lacombe, Pierre Pontarotti, Marie-Josèphe Pébusque, Maria Inés Vaccaro, Guillermo Velasco, Jean-Charles Dagorn, and Juan Lucio Iovanna

Stwl Modifies Chromatin Compaction and Is Required to Maintain DNA Integrity in the Presence of Perturbed DNA Replication
Xia Yi, Hilda I. de Vries, Katarzyna Siudeja, Anil Rana, Willy Lemstra, Jeanette F. Brunsting, Rob M. Kok, Yvo M. Smulders, Matthias Schaefer, Freark Dijk, Yongfeng Shang, Bart J.L. Eggen, Harm H. Kampinga, and Ody C.M. Sibon

ZO-2 Inhibits Cyclin D1 Expression and Cell Proliferation and Exhibits Changes in Localization Along the Cell Cycle
Rocio Tapia, Miriam Huerta, Socorro Islas, Antonia Avila-Flores, Esther Lopez-Bayghen, Jörg Weiske, Otmar Huber, and Lorenza González-Mariscal

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