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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mol. Biol. Cell MBC In Press for 10 Dec 2008

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Mol. Biol. Cell Online MBC In Press Alert

New Molecular Biology of the Cell MBC In Press articles have been made available
(for the period 3 Dec 2008 to 10 Dec 2008):

Sec6p Anchors the Assembled Exocyst Complex at Sites of Secretion
Jennifer A. Songer and Mary Munson

Disruption of Smad4 in Mouse Epidermis Leads to Depletion of Follicle Stem Cells
Leilei Yang, Lijuan Wang, and Xiao Yang

Sister Chromatid Cohesion Independent Roles of Cohesin in Meiotic Chromosome Morphogenesis and Pairing
Gloria A. Brar, Andreas Hochwagen, Lysha Ee, and Angelika Amon

ICAM-1-mediated eNOS Activation via Calcium and AMPK Is Required for Transendothelial Lymphocyte Migration
Roberta Martinelli, Matthew Gegg, Rebecca Longbottom, Peter Adamson, Patric Turowski, and John Greenwood

Regulation of Renal Epithelial Tight Junctions by the VHL Tumor Suppressor Gene Involves Repression of Occludin and Claudin 1 and Is Independent of E-Cadherin
Sarah K. Harten, Deepa Shukla, Ravi Barod, Alexander Hergovich, Maria Balda, Karl Matter, Miguel A. Esteban, and Patrick H. Maxwell

Arsenic Toxicity to Saccharomyces cerevisiae Is a Consequence of Inhibition of the TORC1 Kinase Combined with a Chronic Stress Response
Dagmar Hosiner, Harri Lempiäinen, Wolfgang Reiter, Joerg Urban, Robbie Loewith, Gustav Ammerer, Rudolf Schweyen, David Shore, and Christoph Schüller

The NatA Acetyltransferase Couples Sup35 Prion Complexes to the [PSI+] Phenotype
John A. Pezza, Sara X. Langseth, Rochele Raupp Yamamoto, Stephen M. Doris, Samuel P. Ulin, Arthur R. Salomon, and Tricia R. Serio

Coordination of Cytokinesis and Cell Separation by Endosomal Targeting of a Cdc42-specific GEF in Ustilago maydis
Kay Oliver Schink and Michael Bölker

Analysis of Quality Control Substrates in Distinct Cellular Compartments Reveals a Unique Role for Rpn4p in Tolerating Misfolded Membrane Proteins
Meredith Boyle Metzger and Susan Michaelis

Repression of Nascent Strand Elongation by Deregulated Cdt1 during DNA Replication in Xenopus Egg Extracts
Takashi Tsuyama, Saori Watanabe, Ayako Aoki, Yunje Cho, Masayuki Seki, Takemi Enomoto, and Shusuke Tada

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