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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mol. Biol. Cell Table of Contents for 1 December 2008; Vol. 19, No. 12

Molecular Biology of the Cell

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A new issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell is available online:
1 December 2008; Vol. 19, No. 12

The below Table of Contents is available online at:

InCytes from MBC
InCytes from MBC, December 2008

Rap1 Activation in Collagen Phagocytosis Is Dependent on Nonmuscle Myosin II-A
Pamela D. Arora, Mary Anne Conti, Shoshana Ravid, David B. Sacks, Andras Kapus, Robert S. Adelstein, Anne R. Bresnick, and Christopher A. McCulloch

Cardiolipin Mediates Cross-Talk between Mitochondria and the Vacuole
Shuliang Chen, Maureen Tarsio, Patricia M. Kane, and Miriam L. Greenberg

An FTS/Hook/p107FHIP Complex Interacts with and Promotes Endosomal Clustering by the Homotypic Vacuolar Protein Sorting Complex
Lai Xu, Mathew E. Sowa, Jing Chen, Xue Li, Steven P. Gygi, and J. Wade Harper

Aftiphilin and {gamma}-Synergin Are Required for Secretagogue Sensitivity of Weibel-Palade Bodies in Endothelial Cells
Winnie W.Y. Lui-Roberts, Francesco Ferraro, Thomas D. Nightingale, and Daniel F. Cutler

cAMP-mediated Induction of Cyclin E Sensitizes Growth-arrested Adipose Stem Cells to DNA Damage–induced Apoptosis
Hege Ugland, Andrew C. Boquest, Soheil Naderi, Philippe Collas, and Heidi Kiil Blomhoff

Synaptotagmin-1 Utilizes Membrane Bending and SNARE Binding to Drive Fusion Pore Expansion
Kara L. Lynch, Roy R.L. Gerona, Dana M. Kielar, Sascha Martens, Harvey T. McMahon, and Thomas F.J. Martin

Fission Yeast Kinesin-8 Klp5 and Klp6 Are Interdependent for Mitotic Nuclear Retention and Required for Proper Microtubule Dynamics
Amy Unsworth, Hirohisa Masuda, Susheela Dhut, and Takashi Toda

Filamin B Serves as a Molecular Scaffold for Type I Interferon-induced c-Jun NH2-terminal Kinase Signaling Pathway
Young Joo Jeon, Joon Seok Choi, Jung Yun Lee, Kyung Ryun Yu, Seung Hyeun Ka, Yongcheol Cho, Eui-Ju Choi, Sung Hee Baek, Jae Hong Seol, Dongeun Park, Ok Sun Bang, and Chin Ha Chung

Voa1p Functions in V-ATPase Assembly in the Yeast Endoplasmic Reticulum
Margret Ryan, Laurie A. Graham, and Tom H. Stevens

The Cardiolipin Transacylase, Tafazzin, Associates with Two Distinct Respiratory Components Providing Insight into Barth Syndrome
Steven M. Claypool, Pinmanee Boontheung, J. Michael McCaffery, Joseph A. Loo, and Carla M. Koehler

The C-Terminal Tail Region of Nonmuscle Myosin II Directs Isoform-specific Distribution in Migrating Cells
Joshua C. Sandquist and Anthony R. Means

INF1 Is a Novel Microtubule-associated Formin
Kevin G. Young, Susan F. Thurston, Sarah Copeland, Chelsea Smallwood, and John W. Copeland

The Scaffold Protein POSH Regulates Axon Outgrowth
Jennifer Taylor, Kwan-Ho Chung, Claudia Figueroa, Jonathan Zurawski, Heather M. Dickson, E. J. Brace, Adam W. Avery, David L. Turner, and Anne B. Vojtek

Effect of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Ubiquitination and Chromatin Structure on the Dynamic Properties of the Y-family DNA Polymerases
Simone Sabbioneda, Audrey M. Gourdin, Catherine M. Green, Angelika Zotter, Giuseppina Giglia-Mari, Adriaan Houtsmuller, Wim Vermeulen, and Alan R. Lehmann

Posttranslational Regulation of NF-YA Modulates NF-Y Transcriptional Activity
Isabella Manni, Giuseppina Caretti, Simona Artuso, Aymone Gurtner, Velia Emiliozzi, Ada Sacchi, Roberto Mantovani, and Giulia Piaggio

The Sur7 Protein Regulates Plasma Membrane Organization and Prevents Intracellular Cell Wall Growth in Candida albicans
Francisco J. Alvarez, Lois M. Douglas, Adam Rosebrock, and James B. Konopka

Glycosylated SV2A and SV2B Mediate the Entry of Botulinum Neurotoxin E into Neurons
Min Dong, Huisheng Liu, William H. Tepp, Eric A. Johnson, Roger Janz, and Edwin R. Chapman

Suppression of Proliferative Defects Associated with Processing-defective Lamin A Mutants by hTERT or Inactivation of p53
Brian A. Kudlow, Monique N. Stanfel, Christopher R. Burtner, Elijah D. Johnston, and Brian K. Kennedy

Farnesylation of Ydj1 Is Required for In Vivo Interaction with Hsp90 Client Proteins   InCytes from MBC
Gary A. Flom, Marta Lemieszek, Elizabeth A. Fortunato, and Jill L. Johnson

Posttranslational Regulation of the Scaffold for Fe-S Cluster Biogenesis, Isu
Amy J. Andrew, Ji-Yoon Song, Brenda Schilke, and Elizabeth A. Craig

Annexin A8 Regulates Late Endosome Organization and Function
Verena Goebeler, Michaela Poeter, Dagmar Zeuschner, Volker Gerke, and Ursula Rescher

Ribosome-associated Complex Binds to Ribosomes in Close Proximity of Rpl31 at the Exit of the Polypeptide Tunnel in Yeast
Kristin Peisker, Daniel Braun, Tina Wölfle, Jendrik Hentschel, Ursula Fünfschilling, Gunter Fischer, Albert Sickmann, and Sabine Rospert

Lipid Microdomains in Cell Nucleus
Giacomo Cascianelli, Maristella Villani, Marcello Tosti, Francesca Marini, Elisa Bartoccini, Mariapia Viola Magni, and Elisabetta Albi

eEF1A Is a Novel Component of the Mammalian Nuclear Protein Export Machinery
Mireille Khacho, Karim Mekhail, Karine Pilon-Larose, Arnim Pause, Jocelyn Côté, and Stephen Lee

The AP-2 Adaptor β2 Appendage Scaffolds Alternate Cargo Endocytosis
Peter A. Keyel, James R. Thieman, Robyn Roth, Elif Erkan, Eric T. Everett, Simon C. Watkins, John E. Heuser, and Linton M. Traub

SNARE Function Is Not Involved in Early Endosome Docking
Ulf Geumann, Sina Victoria Barysch, Peer Hoopmann, Reinhard Jahn, and Silvio O. Rizzoli

Sentan: A Novel Specific Component of the Apical Structure of Vertebrate Motile Cilia
Akiharu Kubo, Akiko Yuba-Kubo, Sachiko Tsukita, Shoichiro Tsukita, and Masayuki Amagai

Isoform and Splice-Variant Specific Functions of Dynamin-2 Revealed by Analysis of Conditional Knock-Out Cells   InCytes from MBC
Ya-Wen Liu, Mark C. Surka, Thomas Schroeter, Vasyl Lukiyanchuk, and Sandra L. Schmid

Beclin 1 Forms Two Distinct Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Complexes with Mammalian Atg14 and UVRAG
Eisuke Itakura, Chieko Kishi, Kinji Inoue, and Noboru Mizushima

CCAAT/Enhancer-binding Protein β Promotes Osteoblast Differentiation by Enhancing Runx2 Activity with ATF4
Hiroyuki Tominaga, Shingo Maeda, Makoto Hayashi, Shu Takeda, Shizuo Akira, Setsuro Komiya, Takashi Nakamura, Haruhiko Akiyama, and Takeshi Imamura

Mgr3p and Mgr1p Are Adaptors for the Mitochondrial i-AAA Protease Complex
Cory D. Dunn, Yasushi Tamura, Hiromi Sesaki, and Robert E. Jensen

Analysis of Prelamin A Biogenesis Reveals the Nucleus to be a CaaX Processing Compartment
Jemima Barrowman, Corinne Hamblet, Carolyn M. George, and Susan Michaelis

The Protein Interaction Network of the Epithelial Junctional Complex: A System-Level Analysis
Luca Paris and Gianfranco Bazzoni

Munc18a Scaffolds SNARE Assembly to Promote Membrane Fusion
Travis L. Rodkey, Song Liu, Meagan Barry, and James A. McNew

Role of LPA4/p2y9/GPR23 in Negative Regulation of Cell Motility
Zendra Lee, Ching-Ting Cheng, Helen Zhang, Mark A. Subler, Jinhua Wu, Abir Mukherjee, Jolene J. Windle, Ching-Kang Chen, and Xianjun Fang

Regulation of the Anaphase-promoting Complex–Separase Cascade by Transforming Growth Factor-β Modulates Mitotic Progression in Bone Marrow Stromal Cells
Takeo Fujita, Michael W. Epperly, Hui Zou, Joel S. Greenberger, and Yong Wan

Role of the RAM Network in Cell Polarity and Hyphal Morphogenesis in Candida albicans
Yunkyoung Song, Seon Ah Cheon, Kyung Eun Lee, So-Yeon Lee, Byung-Kyu Lee, Doo-Byung Oh, Hyun Ah Kang, and Jeong-Yoon Kim

Smoothened Signaling in Vertebrates Is Facilitated by a G Protein-coupled Receptor Kinase
Melanie Philipp, Gregory B. Fralish, Alison R. Meloni, Wei Chen, Alyson W. MacInnes, Lawrence S. Barak, and Marc G. Caron

Neonatal Fc Receptor Mediates Internalization of Fc in Transfected Human Endothelial Cells
Nancy A. Goebl, Clifford M. Babbey, Amita Datta-Mannan, Derrick R. Witcher, Victor J. Wroblewski, and Kenneth W. Dunn

Self-Interaction Is Critical for Atg9 Transport and Function at the Phagophore Assembly Site during Autophagy
Congcong He, Misuzu Baba, Yang Cao, and Daniel J. Klionsky

Distinct Isoforms of the RFX Transcription Factor DAF-19 Regulate Ciliogenesis and Maintenance of Synaptic Activity
Gabriele Senti and Peter Swoboda

Matrix Metalloproteinase 2-Integrin {alpha}vβ3 Binding Is Required for Mesenchymal Cell Invasive Activity but Not Epithelial Locomotion: A Computational Time-Lapse Study   InCytes from MBC
Paul A. Rupp, Richard P. Visconti, András Czirók, David A. Cheresh, and Charles D. Little

Galectin-7 in the Control of Epidermal Homeostasis after Injury
Gaëlle Gendronneau, Sukhvinder S. Sidhu, Delphine Delacour, Tien Dang, Chloé Calonne, Denis Houzelstein, Thierry Magnaldo, and Françoise Poirier

The Hsk1(Cdc7) Replication Kinase Regulates Origin Efficiency   InCytes from MBC
Prasanta K. Patel, Naveen Kommajosyula, Adam Rosebrock, Aaron Bensimon, Janet Leatherwood, John Bechhoefer, and Nicholas Rhind

The Yeast LATS/Ndr Kinase Cbk1 Regulates Growth via Golgi-dependent Glycosylation and Secretion
Cornelia Kurischko, Venkata K. Kuravi, Nattha Wannissorn, Pavel A. Nazarov, Michelle Husain, Chao Zhang, Kevan M. Shokat, J. Michael McCaffery, and Francis C. Luca

Oxidative Folding and Assembly with Transthyretin Are Sequential Events in the Biogenesis of Retinol Binding Protein in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Sundar Rajan Selvaraj, Vaibhav Bhatia, and Utpal Tatu

Ca2+-regulated Pool of Phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate Produced by Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase C2{alpha} on Neurosecretory Vesicles
Peter J. Wen, Shona L. Osborne, Isabel C. Morrow, Robert G. Parton, Jan Domin, and Frederic A. Meunier

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